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Weight Loss

Wondering what is the best diet to lose weight fast? There are so many choices, but the ayurvedic diet is the wisest.

Are you looking for a weight loss plan that will help you not only lose and maintain a healthy weight, but also make you feel happier and more in balance in general? The best diet to lose weight fast is promoted by an ayurvedic doctor, Ellora Muna. On her website and blog, she promotes a weight loss plan that restores sells and leads you on a path to heal your body, restoring it to perfect health. The best diet to lose weight fast, according to expert Ellora Muna, is one that’s plant-based and as clean as possible, relying heavily on one whole, unprocessed foods. The best diet to lose weight fast includes a variety of mindfulness techniques, also explained in detail by Ellora Muna, in her book, “Conscious Eating: from fat to supercells, trim and sexy” as well as her compelling blog. Her motto is, “Because impossible is only in your mind.” Ms. Muna is an athlete (Muy Thai Fighter under Thai legend, Enn Fairtex), change agent, and cardiac/oncology RN.


Let her help you transform your body and spirit with the best diet to lose weight fast. She has 100s of weight loss Q&As to help upgrade your habits, step by step, and she explains her ideas in such a relatable way. The mind is such a powerful tool, and we should all be working hard to discover ways to improve our thought processes and therefore, our lives. Did you know that according to, 70% of Americans take prescription drugs? Many ailments can be overcome (or at least the symptoms can be less prominent) with dietary changes. Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket in this country because prescription medications are so expensive. But there is a better way – with the ayurvedic diet practices recommended by Ellora Muna, everyone can live happier, healthier lives. Check it out today!

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