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the Key To Mental Peace

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

“Peace begins with a smile.”

-by Mother Teresa

The key to mental peace is unwavering faith in your Self, the belief that you will have what you desire. So, the whole idea to mental peace is building faith. It is unwavering action and belief.

How Does One Develop Faith in Self?

By cutting out all the “noise”! Every time you get a negative thought, or doubt thought, remove it consciously from your thinking. By affirming an “ofcourse, I can” even if the circumstances “appear” to be difficult. It is like the act of clearing out physical trash from your mentality. For example, if you have a dirty piece of paper you throw it in the trashcan, you do not question why the paper is dirty. You do not delve into a full on Sherlock Holmes investigation. You just throw it. You have to do the same in your mind, every time you have a negative thought, you have to “clear it” with the saying, “I deserve this good”. So many people do not get much from life not due to their circumstances but because of their lack of worth. These affirmations are what create that sense of faith.

Mental peace is anything that does not disturb your mind. Fear is the biggest driver of anxiety. You may have many questions about how things will work out for you, but what really matters is not the howbut the intention that, it will workout. That’s faith. That absolute surrender to a greater power, God, the Universeand acceptance of where we are NOW is what creates the environment for mental peace and success.

And What About Failure?

A certain athlete sacrificed money, time with friends and parties to train with discipline each day, against all odds for a prized bout. Right before the event, a freak accident caused injury to his knees, needing surgery. He pulled out of the match. If the athlete perceives the incident negatively, there will be so much resistance and pain, resulting in unhappiness. However, if this incident is seen as a step to something “bigger” and “better”, something the mind cannot fathom. Something “bigger” and “better” the Universe will bring to him at a later date when it is least expected. Then the athlete might say, “This is the best thing that ever happened to me!” As my favorite writer, Richard Bach said in Illusions,

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls, ‘A butterfly!’- Sir, Richard Bach

Your perception can change any outcome. How you feel about a circumstance can change the emotions you experience inside. If you feel anger, the trick is to turn that into a positive emotion like joy, gratitude, surrender, and faithfulness. If you feel fear, start by thanking fear for showing you you have a belief within that does not serve you. It is simple once you practice it. The more you practice the better you get at driving out negative thoughts from your mind. A person of faith will not ever question a situation as negative. Due to his or her belief in God or the good of the circumstance, there would be no fear, no anxiety and no disturbance of mental peace.

The Key

The key is to believe that you were created for good and only good can happen to you.

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