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Updated: Oct 27, 2019

What is real is what you define as your reality. Your mind is a tunning fork, use it to tune in to what is useful and tune out what is not.

A mind that has gone insane, is one that is not able to discern what is useful and discard what is not. It chatters to itself 'stories' that are not true, not based on reality, perhaps the reality of the foolish.

Someone's opinion of you, does not need to become your reality. What you 'think' of yourself is what makes you POWERFUL. Perceptions are a strange thing. What you reflect within is what you will give off as an 'aura'. If you give off fear... then people will prey on you BUT if you give off confidence and ease, then that is how you will appear to the hyenas. So listen to what I am telling you because it works... THINK POSITIVE, FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE AND YOU WILL SEEE THAT THOSE VERY THOUGHTS WILL REVEAL THE DESTINY YOU SO DESIRE. Do this for every thing that you undertakee in your life.

Let us start with the 10 tenets of Mind Power...

1. SAY WORDS AND PHRASES THAT ARE ONLY POSITIVE TO YOURSELF. You will wade through all the negative to positive and wonderful doors will focusing on the good workis in your life.

2. FOCUS ON ALL POSITIVE OUTCOMES IN YOUR LIFE, all of these are amazing outcomes. Do not focus on the fear and nastiness at all..what you 'think', you will bring into being. Never forget that and start to practice everytime you fall off the positive wagon.

3. NEVER ENGAGE, CORRECT OR FORCE SOMEONE TO THINK LIKE YOU (even if you want to help them). Unless they are children needing moral guidance, or people who actively seek your wisdom. Part of being a Master is recognizing the readiness to learn of all sentient beings. Giving when it is asked, and abstaining when it is not. Withdrawing from all forms of "Control" which just highlights the attachments of a confused mind.

4. THE MIND FULL OF EGO, IS A CONFUSED MIND. If it is you, then it is best to stay silent and observe the mind. The ego mind strongly seeks attention and loses traction when attention is withdrawn. It is best to observe, not grasping onto fleeting thoughts.

5. DO 10 MINUTES OF MEDIATION DAILY. Only in the silence, will you become powerful. Spend this time in silent observation of your thoughts. Who is the thinker? Who is the creator? Be alert in silent "watchfulness" for magical things to begin happening.

6. KEEP BAD PERSONS..BAD FEELINGS...BAD THOUGHTS OUT. It gets easier with decisive practice. Start with keeping this Rule true for half your day. Then increase in increments till it is a success.

7. USE WORDS THAT EVOKE STRENGTH AND SUCCESS. Part of being a magician is not pulling flowers out of a hat or rabits out of thin air. It is being able to invoke the greatest power from within you and use that to propel into reality what 'others' believe are impossible. Always speak of every event in your future, the way you desire it to happen.

8. STOP TELLING NEGATIVE STORIES. How was your day? If it was good, go into deep detail, engage the positive aspects. If it was bad...keep it short, with no detail.

9. KEEP SILENT FOR A FEW HOURS IN THE MORNING. This awakens spiritual power. Remove your cell phone, ipad, laptop, tv shows from view. Spend it in nature or next to a flower.

10. BELIEVE YOU ARE THE BEST IN EVERYTHING YOU DO. BELIEVE ALL YOUR DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Believe everything you want, you will get. This reality is true for you.

Finally, ask yourself everyday... "how did I get this marvelous life?' and thank Divine Providence and Jesus for making your dreams come true! What is true is already yours in a parallel Universe. Seek and ye shall find... once you do these tenets, all your wishes will come true.

Om! May God Bless You.

Excerpts from- 'The Book of Consciousness'

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