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Lose Belly Fat

Wish you could lose belly fat fast? Turn to the Ayurvedic diet, explained by expert Ellora Muna

Many Americans struggle with accumulating excess fat in their belly areas. That extra wiggle can be frustrating! But there is a way to lose belly fat without following gimmicky plans that don’t work. Follow the ayurvedic diet recommendations promoted by Ellora Muna. She is a cardiac/oncology RN who has quickly gained prominence as a change agent in the areas of diet and mindfulness practices. She wrote a book called, “Conscious Eating: from fat to supercells, trim and sexy!” which contains many helpful tips and interesting information about how to live a more balanced life. It includes 100s of weight loss questions and answers about healing your body, perhaps even get a flat stomach without exercise. She loves sharing her in-depth knowledge with people through her book and via her blog. If you wish you could get a flat stomach without exercise, look into and apply her words of wisdom and you’ll have a great start.


A blurb from her website that explains, in a meaningful way, her current passion is, “Medical and fitness intelligence so you don’t just look sexy, you use food to build supercells.” Her information is at the cutting edge of the epigenetics movement, which is gaining popularity throughout the world right now. Learn about it now to start building your knowledge, implementing best eating practices, and enhancing your health. Now is the perfect time to incorporate conscious eating for weight loss, and experience the real benefits very quickly. Purchase her book or start reading her expert tips on her blog today – she has a whole wealth of information she can’t wait to share with you. The first step is to remember to eat, drink, and pause… take charge of your eating habits, and take charge of your life!

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